Hello to the 20’s!

Previous weight: 233.9
Current weight: 229.9

Loss: 4 lbs
Total loss: 53.1

Heck yea! I have no idea how I lost 4 pounds but I’ll take it! I started a second job last week and I didn’t work out once. I think my highest step count was 4K, but on the bright side I was too busy to think about food so it kept me from snacking. Next week I don’t think it will be that bad. Just starting out in the first few days it required a lot of time to get organized.

On note of my new job this is just how great God is. I went into my daughter’s school two weeks ago to order her uniforms. While I was there I wanted to get my payment schedule and come to find out is was more way more than I thought. For kindergarten? I can’t afford $650 a month for kindergarten so I prayed about it. Yes, I prayed about it. I used to be the person who worried and stressed about everything. One day I just started giving it to God and since then I worry over nothing and I trust that it will work out as it is meant to be. Well that night, THAT NIGHT!!!! Like 4 hours later after leaving her school and trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do I got a phone call. I didn’t recognize the number so I let it go to voicemail and when I listen to it I hear, “Crystal…. this is (a previous co-worker)… I was given your number by (another previous co-worker) and I have a stay at home position for you if you want it.” Are you kidding me? So of course I called him back because with my living situation I require an at home position. I can find care for my kids but I have no one to stay with my grandmother so that I can leave to go to work. And the best part is that the pay is equivalent to my work! The harder I work and the better I do my job the more I get paid. I am so stoked and SO BLESSED.

Next week I am not going to set any goals. I feel as soon as I write them here they are out the door. Instead this week I am just going to take it day by day. I am so excited that with my weigh in today I met my second goal with Weight Watchers, which was 231. My new goal is 183, which will put me at my 100 pound mark.

46 more pounds to a 100 pound loss. This is something I didn’t accomplish last time prior to getting pregnant.

19 more pounds to meet my pre-pregnancy weight.

29 more pounds to Onederland.

I am very happy with my progress. When I started Weight Watchers the initial goal I had in mind was 225. I am 4.9 pounds from that, which just shows that time will catch up and the weight with it.

Saturday Weigh In

Previous weight: 236.8
Current weight: 233.9

Loss: 2.9 lbs
Total loss: 49.1

I’m surprised to have a 2.9 loss this week. I had a lot of distractions last week. My weigh in day is every Saturday. Last Saturday I had a family reunion. Then we went to the zoo with family on Sunday. My daughter had tubes in her ears on Tuesday so we were in the hospital all day for that. Thursday we were with family for fireworks and again on Friday. So I’ve been gone a lot this week and my weekly total of steps on my fitbit are sad. I’m about halfway to where I need to be, but oh well. Today is my weigh in day so I’m looking at a fresh week and I had almost a 3 lb loss so I am thrilled.

I’m .8 pounds from officially being at a 50 pound loss. I’m going to work hard this week to be in the 220’s at my next weigh in.

I am in a Weight Watchers challenge group that has a goal set to lose 50 pounds. Since I joined that group I’ve lost 13.9 pounds. When I get to the 50 pound goal I will be at 197.8. I can’t wait. It’s motivating to see that number with that group. It gives me a different number to focus on besides my weight and I like being challenged. Being able to compete with others keeps me in the mindset to keep losing.

So my goals this week:
Water… I need 117 ounces a day, which is about 4 of my 30 ounce water bottles.
Exercise… Meet my fitbit goal of steps and stairs.

Aside from that I will eat and track as normal. I love Saturdays. It’s a clean slate.

On an end note, I get so irritated when I see people in my FB Weight Watchers group say they are quitting because they aren’t losing fast enough. I think the reason I’m successful with this is because I know it’s a journey and not a race. No matter where I am tomorrow I know I will be better than I was today. My days will catch up soon enough and I will be at my goal weight. It cannot come soon enough, but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy the now while I work at it.

Keeping the Focus

Prev Weight: 242.1 lbs.

Current weight: 236.8

Loss: 5.3 lbs.

Total loss: 46.2 lbs.


I am now 26.8 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I am trying to change up my exercises so I am still on week 2 of the C25K app, but I’m still chugging along with that. So far so good. I look forward to going to the gym to do this because it’s a challenge I’ve now set for myself. I’m doing the Color Me Rad event in September and I want to fly through this thing. And I would REALLY like to be at my pre-pregnany weight when I do. I have 10 weeks to accomplish this so even if I can lose 20 more pounds before then I’ll be happy.

My family reunion was this past weekend and I’ve made a goal for myself to be between 150-175 lbs before we have another one. I have a year to do this and it is completely doable.

My uncle told me a story tonight about his wife who died at the age of 35 from a heart attack. She had a heart murmur that she lived with and I never knew this. I am 32 so hearing his story, which was just completely heart breaking, is more resolve to get healthy for myself, Mike and my kids. I have too much to live for.

Keeping the focus. I will leave you with this meme, which I completely love.



C25K, Sticking With It

Today is my weigh in day and I’ve lost another 2.4 pounds. Add that to my loss from last week and I weighed in at 242.1 lbs. So that means I’ve lost 40.9 pounds of my pregnancy weight and I am 32.1 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m stoked. That is the only goal I have in mind right now.

Last night I started the C25K challenge app. You do a 5 minute warm up and then for 20 minutes you alternate jogging for 60 seconds and walking for 90, with the goal of jogging a 5K at the end. I was nervous to do it because I consider myself still way out of shape, but it wasn’t that bad. So maybe I’m not as far as I thought from where I was physically before. This app is the challenge I needed to get back into jogging. It took me too long to work up to running a mile without stopping. I don’t want to lose that.

One of the things really keeping me motivated is some groups on Facebook that I joined for Weight Watchers and fitness. Seeing people post on there when I’m ready for sweets is just the reminder I need to remember that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. I’m not skinny, but I feel damn good.

It’s a Numbers Game

I am proud of myself tonight. I went to dinner with the family to a buffet of all places. I didn’t go over my WW points, but I did splurge on my bonus points with a little carrot cake. When I got home I decided to go to the gym, but then I got caught up in a snuggle with my 2 kids and I didn’t want to go. I literally had to drag myself out of bed, but I went! The 40 minutes I spent on the treadmill is the reminder I needed that NO carrot cake is worth that. Plus it was a reminder that lost snuggle time with my babies means I’m making myself healthy to be with them longer and to have more energy to play.

I weigh in on Saturday and so far this week I’m down another 4 pounds. I lost 8 pounds last week. I’ve been going over my numbers and I’m stoked that I’m now only 37 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, which I will share just so I can see the numbers and keep myself accountable somewhere besides my thoughts.

My pre-pregnancy weight was 210. I was fluctuating a little before I got pregnant so I’m counting it as that.

I got up to a WHOPPING 283 pounds being pregnant, which is sadly more than what I weighed before I lost the 75 pounds and I got pregnant. Oh well. So I gained 73 pounds. I said 60 before, but I was taking out 11 pounds of baby since that’s what my son weighed. But counting him I gained 73 pounds. It is what it is.

I weighed in today at 247 so since having my son I’ve lost 36 pounds.

I have 37 pounds to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight and 72 pounds to get to my overall goal of getting to 175. Then once I hit that I will re-evaluate for a new goal that will take me to an average weight for my height and build, but for now it’s my main goal.

It’s a lot easier looking at the 37 pounds so that is my goal right now and I will get there! It took me so long after William was born to get over the discouragement of what I gained. It took me longer to realize I can’t turn back the clock to change that, but I can stop it from getting worse and having to do even more to catch up to where I was. So I’m on a blank slate and starting fresh. I’m solid for a few weeks now and I feel really good. My FitBit is a huge help. It is HARD getting to 10K steps a day when you work at a computer all day. The gym is a must so since having my FitBit I find myself in the gym again.  When I work out I eat right.

1 more day until my next weigh in.

Dirty Girl Mud Run


“Yikes” is what I think when I look at that picture. It’s a comparison from last year’s Dirty Girl Mud Run to this year. Last year I was 50 pounds less and working out 4-5 days a week. This year, again… Yikes. I felt every single pound and it was hard, but motivating because it’s a good reminder of where I want to be again. I finished this mud run with a goal in mind that next year I will not only be smaller than I was last year, but I will be at my 100 pound goal.

In order to do this I found a few more run/walk events here in Indy that I want to do. I even found one for Parkinson’s and I am very excited about that as all proceeds go to the Parkinson’s Foundation. I’m going to see if my family wants to do this in honor of my grandpa.

Still reminding myself everyday that this is a process and not a rush to get where I was. It can be a tough reminder. In the long run I need to lose this weight for my health and to be better for my kids. So I’m just going to have to start making time in the evening for the gym. When I work out I eat right. So now after today I see that this is a necessity and I’ll just have to deal with it.






Re-Dedication to the Cause


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After a few cheat months (yes months, not meals or days), I am back with my Operation Skinny & Fit plan. I had my baby in January. I gained back quite a bit of weight during my pregnancy. I think after “dieting” for so long I looked at my pregnancy as a break… a total regret by the way. Regardless, my son is here and healthy and I am now recommitting myself to Operation Skinny & Fit.

I rejoined Weight Watchers a few weeks ago. I lost 50 pounds with WW before I started calorie counting. That switch is my biggest regret. I got bored with the points and needed something new. Had I continued with WW instead of My Fitness Pal and calories I know I wouldn’t have gained what I did and could even be at goal right now. I’m not going to worry about that now though. I’m back with the WW program and I am in complete control of my foods.

My problem since my re-commitment to this weight loss journey has been my activity level. Before I got pregnant I was working out at least 5 days a week. I knew getting back into this that I couldn’t go into it with the expectation that I was going to immediately start at that many days  and my previous level. I’d get burnt out. And naturally with a newborn baby I was wore out and exercise was the last thing on my mind anyway. I found a solution for this…

I bought a FitBit on Sunday. If anyone finds themselves needing to move more I totally recommend the FitBit. It’s a wireless pedometer that tracks your steps, mileage, active minutes, and calories burned. You can also track your water and calories with it but I use WW for that. I find myself motivated by the number. It recommends you get at least 10K steps in a day. I took my daughter to the zoo yesterday and we walked around the the bike path at the park today to get in extra steps. So now I’m not only making sure I’m moving more, but this change is going to benefit my daughter as well. The Fitbit clips onto my bra or you can clip it to your pants and it syncs with the FitBit app on my phone or with their website. I forget it’s there, but today when we walked at the park I let my daughter play on the playground. I was short of my step goal so instead of sitting down or standing there I walked in place beside my stroller until I hit my mark. Never would I have done that if I didn’t have my FitBit!

Today is my weigh in day with WW. I lost 3.3 pounds last week. Now that I have my FitBit and I’m moving more I can’t wait for my weigh in next Wednesday!

Instead of chasing myself to get back where I was I am starting over on a clean slate. I sat down and made a new list of why I want this and what my goals are. They are:

1) My overall goal is the same as it was before. I want to weigh 175 pounds. That is my main goal. Once I get there if I need to lose more I will re-evaluate but that is a 100 pound marker for me. This time around it’s actually a 108 pound marker, but regardless that is my goal weight.

2) Short term goal – I need to incorporate more activity into my schedule. I will use my FitBit as encouragement for this. I want 10K steps a day and if it means I have to walk around my block, up and down my hallway, or go to the grocery store then I’ll do what I have to.

3) Continue with healthy eating for myself and for my kids.

4) Run a mile again without stopping

Small steps. I have the Dirty Girl Mud Run coming up again on the 17th and I’m going to Kings Island mid June. I’m using both as incentive. I don’t want to worry about fitting on the rides when I get to Kings Island.

Pregnancy & Staying Healthy and Fit


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So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. Reason being (and yes it’s a total excuse) but I’m having a baby! That’s even more reason to eat healthy, but to be honest I’ve been too tired to do anything. So I’ve slacked hugely on my “diet” and I’ll need to GPS my gym to find it again. I’ve been inspired by my cousin though who has started her own group for helping women with weight loss. It’s gotten me excited about my own journey again and to avoid gaining back what I’ve worked so hard to lose. So here we go again on Operation Skinny & Fit! For the next 6 months it’s not about losing weight, but remaining healthy and fit so when this baby comes I can lose what’s left and look good in a wedding dress. Pinterest, my forgotten friend, I will be visiting you again very soon.

Getting back on that train


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So I’ve been absent for a while. I barely have time to breath let alone blog, but I’m still on the weight loss train. I’ve relapsed a few times with my food. Since I got back from California it has been an ongoing struggle to keep with my food routine. I’m back in the gym working out, which definitely helps. But I am a fatty that cannot stop eating, lol!  So I decided just a day or so ago that I’m going to do another detox. I feel like I need a reboot. Sugar is the devil and my body craves it constantly. Damn those Sprinkle cupcake shops in California!! I think a detox is just what I need. I’m trying now to figure out when I want to start. This weekend I will be out of the house the entire time. So not this weekend. Wednesday I have to go to Ohio for work. So I think Thursday morning is as good a time as any. Unless I do it Monday and Tuesday as a 2 day detox, but that’s not going to be effective. I need to think about this some more and figure out my schedule.

I decided to start fresh. My biggest problem coming back was that we ate fast food every single day while on the way to Cali and while we were there. So of coursed I gained a few pounds. As soon as I started chasing the number I was at before we left, I couldn’t maintain and I just kept eating. So I created a new My Fitness Pal so I wasn’t staring at that old number. Now I’m just starting fresh from where I’m at right now. It’s helping.

Completely off subject and random, but recently I completed the Dirty Girl Mud Run. I am amazed at just how fun it was. I can’t wait to do it again next year! Any ladies out there who haven’t heard of this should look into it.

My sister sent me this picture. The one on the left was me before on my first trip to San Diego. The right is the most recent. It is definitely  motivating to keep at this. I never EVER want to be that girl on the left again.


I need to go back to work now so that is all for now.


The devil is trying to keep me fat forever


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I have been meaning to post here for many days now but alas life is keeping me busy. Meaning of subject heading: I fell today and messed my ankle up. I swear that step came out of nowhere. I’m a little bruised up but I’m icing it tonight with a goal of hitting the gym bright and early tomorrow. I’ve strayed a bit from my journey. I went on vacation and I’m finding it difficult to get back on track. In order to fix this I re-joined my previous gym for a fresh start. New goals for this week: Water only (DIET SODA IS THE DEVIL) No red meat No fast food Hit the gym Run canal one day on or before Sunday Consistently take It Works products Stick within calorie range and track food with my fitness pal I’m sure there is more I need to do but this is a start because my keyboard is giving me crap. I just need to get back into a routine. No more “I’ll start over tomorrow.” Instead, I’m refocusing with the NOW.

Weigh in next scheduled for 2 Fridays from now.

That is all. 🙂