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Damn those weekend temptations. I slipped on my detox last night. I was out late with friends at Indiana Grand Casino and we ended up at Denny’s around 5AM. For a slip it wasn’t unforgivable. I ate 1 pancake, light syrup, half serving of white eggs, half of one side of an English muffin, and 2 pieces of turkey bacon. I added it up on My Fitness Pal app and it was around 350-400 calories. A big no-no with my detox though as I ate all the “don’t go there foods” for a detox. Eggs, meat, bread, sugar. Oh well. I’m back with it this afternoon with my protein shake.

I’m on day #4 of my body cleanse. I had set a goal of keeping with a fruit and veggie diet for 4 days and on days 5-10 adding back protein in my meals with baked fish. I obviously slipped, but I’m going to continue with my original goal today with it being my last day of fruit and veggies. I am ready for fish. I am sure it is going to be the best tasting fish I have ever had in my life. I miss my protein!

Funny enough with the food I slipped with, I thought the food was horrible. I would feel so much better about it this morning if I knew I slipped for some Cheesecake Factory or something else equally amazing. To slip for bad food sucks. It wasn’t the cooking or Denny’s because it was the same as it always is, but I noticed it was very dry and tasted… bland is the only word I can think of. I wonder if that is normal after a cleanse to feel differently towards food? Or maybe the food was just bad. I’m not sure, but I want to look into this.

All in all I didn’t start the weekend off as I wanted, but I had a great night with friends. The only thing to do now is to finish the weekend as I planned and stay on track.

My volleyball teammate is selling products for the 90 Day Challenge. I don’t know a lot about this yet, but I’ve heard a lot of people talking about it. The 90 Day Challenge may be my next venture, but I need to look more into it first.