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This week I’m resorting back to Tupperware. I was way over my hours with work last week. Fast food seeped back in, along with ordering pizza for dinner. So Sunday I made three big meals of meatloaf, chili, BBQ chicken all with veggies. So no cooking and no fast food for me this week! Lunch and dinner are ready for me, my grandma, and my daughter all week. It’s a relief to just have it done because it’s one less thing to worry about. Being prepared is keeping me on track this week.

I haven’t read any new books lately about health or fitness but I’m thinking about looking into getting a book that’s about more than that. Maybe about bettering myself or growing as an individual. Any recommendations?

I took a step last night and purchased my trial set of Yor Health. I’m excited to let you know how that turns out!

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One thing I’ve learned through this weight loss process is that I succeed better when I surround myself with like minded people who wanted to eat right, get healthy, and/or lose weight. I also lost more from talking to others about what works, what they’re doing, reading about it, and overall just asking questions. I decided to switch to Facebook for the interaction. I want to know what works for you just as much as I want to share what works for me.