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I mentioned before that I decided to do YOR Health. Well, I got my package in the mail last night!!! I’m stoked because I just started my challenge this morning!! Yes it is expensive at a first glance. When I learned of it, my first thought was “I will just go get lipo before I pay that.” However, after doing some research and seeing how this is about wellness and supreme health and not just your average weight loss program decided to give it a try. So I’m choosing my health, and I’m paying what comes to $7 a day instead of spending it at McDonald’s as I have been. Good choice I think. 🙂

It’s worth noting another reason I decided to do this is because digestive problems tend to run in my family. This isn’t your standard subject for blogging, but I get extreme pangs in my stomach. As if I’m being stabbed. So as help with digestion is a primary goal with YOR Health, I’m thinking it could do me some good.

As I say, always in God’s timing… I’m in a rut with my weight. I’ve hit a wall and I have been at this wall for a while. I need change. I need a hammer to knock this wall down and I’m hoping YOR Health is it because it’s frustrating. I want this!! I want to be at a healthy weight and I will get there, but it is very, very, VERY frustrating! I say all in God’s timing because I work from home for a general contractor that specializes in storm restoration. I don’t get to know the guys I work with besides dealing with them on the phone all day because they are in other states. Well my work came here to Indianapolis and I was able to meet (face to face anyway) a guy named RJ that I work with. He introduced me to YOR Health, we had a lot of conversation about it, and here I am now trying it out. It could not have been better timing because I was in such a place that I really felt lost. When I came back from California I just seemed to have left my motivation there. Upon learning of this… you ever just feel in your gut that something is going to be awesome? This is how I feel about YOR Health.

Now that I’m doing YOR Health I decided to do their Body Challenge. I love this because I need a challenge! A competition of sorts makes me work harder because I have an annoying need to be the best at everything. This Body Challenge requires you to keep a journal through their website, and since I already do that here I’m going to use this and copy it. I will let you all know what happens! I took a before picture last night to start my challenge. I can’t wait to post the after!

Please note my journals on here about YOR Health are just my excitement at trying something new and my experience with the product. That is my only intention.

For those in the same place as I was, looking for something different, if you do want to check into it you can do so by clicking here. To pull up the store prices you need a sponsor. I’m not a sponsor in that I sell this stuff. I just started using it myself so I wouldn’t do that, but since I bought it I’m listed on there. Feel free to use my sponser name as verification to pull up the information. It’s tackettcl and my ID is 314109. If you don’t want to do it, just don’t go to the checkout, but by having this information you can check it out what the products are and the prices.


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