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I am S O   E X C I T E D this morning because I weighed in and I lost 5 pounds since last Thursday and I am .2 from a 6 pound loss. I’m even more excited because A) that is FIVE pounds in one week and B) I’ve been STUCK for SO LONG and C) that’s 5 pounds without working out! I can’t wait to get back in the gym so I can see what I lose with eating right and working out. My work looks like it’s finally going to slow down so hopefully I can get back into my routine.

Sorry for the caps but you can’t hear me squealing and I’m trying to get my excitement to show. lol

So far I like Yor Health a lot. I feel really good. I cut out fast food and I can see a remarkable difference in my skin. I don’t have that oily, greasy face feeling. I feel light and fresh. That could be YOR Health or it could be that I’ve eliminated fast food. As they say, you are what you eat. I saw someone on Facebook add a status saying, (and I quote) ““@SoDamnTrue: Whoever snuck the s in “fast food” is a clever person.” Truth!” lol I thought that was hiliarious. Not to mention true!

My first genuine impression of YOR Health was that I liked my previous shake better. Then I got a Magic Bullet (which I got for only $30-Thank you Black Friday!) and now I love these shakes. I love adding fruit and ice to chill it. The taste is great. I like the texture better than when I shook it with my cup. The cup made it a little foamy. All in all, I look forward to them in the morning. No messes. No cooking. I make my drink and then I sit down and sip at it while I work. So it’s easy and doesn’t consume time I just don’t have. It is also surprisingly more filling. I thought my previous shakes filled me up, and they did, but I think the fullness lasts longer with these shakes because I don’t think about food or being hungry.

I like the supergreens. I drink it with OJ and cranberry juice. I prefer cranberry juice because it’s only 10 calories compared to OJ. So all in all, I love it. I’m glad I tried it. And I hope for another good number next week. I’m going to continue with this. The cost threw me when I started, but looking at it now for the food that I’m replacing – both fast food and from the grocery – the cost is nothing. I spent more at the Vitamin Shoppe for stuff that I wasn’t even sure would work.

So for a week glance at my first experience with YOR Health, I give it a big THUMBS UP!

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