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I expected to feel like complete crap today. That’s expected since I’m getting rid of the built up toxins. The last time I had headaches, no energy, etc. This time around I just feel normal. Maybe because I’m not eating as bad? I don’t know. I want to feel bad so I know this is working, but it’s only day 2. So far I just feel a slight pressure in my head as the day goes on.

Last night I started reading a Nicholas Spark’s book called “Safe Haven.” I find that when I watch TV all I want to do is eat. I hate sitting and doing nothing. So when I watch TV, I feel like I need to keep myself busy and I do that by eating. That sound crazy? So since I’m doing this cleanse and trying not to eat in the evening anyway, I decided to forget about TV and read instead. When I read my mind is occupied and I don’t think about food. That’s my little tip of that day to late night snackers like myself… read and give up some TV time.

I decided on “Safe Haven” because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel. That they are in a movie together is A M A Z I N G. So my reward to myself for reaching my 75 pound mark is going to see this movie when it comes out. I think I will imagine myself running to Josh Duhamel when I’m on the treadmill. That’ll get me to my goal. 🙂


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