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When I started this weight loss journey I began with Weight Watchers. It is an incredible program. We’ve all seen the Jennifer Hudson ads, right? Now Jessica Simpson ads are coming out and she looks incredible too. Back before I started losing weight I was skeptical. I’m sure Jennifer Hudson has a chef and a personal trainer to get those results. Did Weight Watchers come with one too? Negative yes, but it’s what I thought at the time.

I was introduced to the program by my aunt. She borrowed Weight Watcher books from a friend and she loaned them to me. It took a week for it to all click. I was still too busy making excuses to put off starting. We were sitting at my grandma’s and she pulls out a huge lunchbox of food. Chicken, water, carrots, fruits. She was prepared and I remember thinking, “I can do that.” And I did. I lost 50 pounds on the Weight Watcher program. I put a lot of the success I have had to Weight Watchers. Without their program I think this would have been another diet fad.

The best part about Weight Watchers, and it is ultimately one of the reasons I am so motivated now to help others, is because it was so EASY. Yes it’s frustrating on the days when progress is slow, but when I say it was easy, I say so because I ate all the time. I didn’t starve myself. You think “diet” and you automatically think you have to go into starvation mode. With Weight Watchers that is definitely not the case.

I do my program on my own from information I have gathered through people who do pay for Weight Watchers and from information I have found online. Weight Watchers is a LIFE change. I am not on a diet. For anyone on a diet, one day you will stop and then what? You go back to what you were doing before your diet and you will gain the weight back and have to diet all over again. The changes I am making today are LIFE changes for both myself and my family… namely my daughter, so that she will never have to do this when she is 30 years old and so I will never gain this weight back.

SO… with that introduction to how I began with Weight Watchers and why it worked, I am going to share how you can start Weight Watchers TODAY for free.

First, you have to know how many points you are allowed. For anyone not familiar with Weight Watchers the program does not involve counting calories. Instead you count points, and each food is alloted a number of points that you track every day.

To determine how many points you are allowed in 1 day you have 1 of 2 options.

Option 1:

Check out this website,   This website will provide the number of points you are allowed by entering in your age, weight, height, and activity level. It will also give you the change in points as you lose weight so you know when to lower your point allowance. (In case the link didn’t open, try http://www.healthyweightforum.org/eng/calculators/ww-points-allowed/.”

Option 2:

If you prefer to tally the information yourself then add up the following:

1) 2 points if you are female, 8 points if you are male, 12 points if you are nursing a baby

2) Add the number depending on your age,… 4 points if you are between 17 to 26 years old, 3 points if you are 27 to 37 years old, 2 points if you are 38 to 47 years old, and one point if you are 48 to 58 years old, or 0 if you are older than 58.

3) Enter the first 2 digits of your weight in pounds. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs, enter 15 points. If you weigh 300 pounds, enter 30 points.

4) Enter 0 if you are under 5 feet 1 inch tall. Enter 1 if you are 5 feet 1 inch to 5 feet 10 inches. Enter 2 if you are 5 feet 10 inches or taller.

5) Enter 0 if your daily activity involves mainly sitting. Enter one if you spend most of your day standing up. Enter four if you walk most of the day. Enter 6 if you spend most of the day doing physically demanding work.

The number you end up with is considered your daily point allowance. You are also given 49 points a week for BONUS points. So you can use 49 points in one day, or divide the points among the week to add 7 more points to your daily allowance.

Now you know how many points you are allowed, so what can you eat?

Answer: You can eat anything you want, as long as you know the points per serving. What I absolutely LOVE about Weight Watchers is I am not limiting what I can eat. I can still eat sweets if I want, and pasta, carbs, and everything else people usually cut out of their diets. But again, Weight Watchers is not a diet. It is not realistic to completely cut out the foods you love because most will go right back to them and gain the weight back. What I do pay attention to is the points and the serving size.

I blogged about this topic once before. If you are interested in starting Weight Watchers and you would like more information on what to eat, read here.

There are also apps on your phone that are available to you to help track your food. For Weight Watchers in particular, the app is called “WWDiary” if you have an Android and “iTrackBites” is the one I used with my iphone but there are several available. Both apps are similar and in a previous blog I explained how they work. Read here for more information.

You can download the actual Weight Watchers app, but you will have to be a member to view their information. They do give free daily recipes though for anyone who is interested.

Both apps allow you to track your food and manually enter your points allowance. Calculators are available to tell you your activity points and points for food (as long as you know the carb, fiber, protein, and fat). There is a “Favorites” menu so that once you find the point for a food you can enter is as a favorite and never have to look it up again. There is also a menu of food that will provide the point for you. For example, potatoes, fish, nuts, etc.

I’m not sure if I mention this or not in my other blog about what to eat so I want to mention it here. Check out Hungry Girl’s website. This is a great website for food ideas. It  has a recipe for everything and the point allowance is already provided for you. :)  There are also Hungry Girl recipe books!

If anybody reads this and wants to try Weight Watchers but I left any information out that you need let me know. I’m available to answer any questions I can.

New motto for my life: no sense in putting off for tomorrow changes you can start right now!