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2012 was very good to me. I’ve already mentioned this in a previous blog so I won’t go into 2012 details. Instead I’m looking ahead into 2013. So this leaves me asking the question… what will 2013 bring me?

I don’t make resolutions. A resolution is just asking to be broken. That doesn’t mean though that I can’t make some goals. So instead of asking what 2013 will bring me, I’m asking what do I want to work towards in 2013 to get where I want to be. My answer is as follows:


I want to lose 40 pounds.


I want to continue with charity walks. I miss the cancer walk every year. I already do the heart walk. I’m going to research these walks and put them in my calendar so I don’t forget.

I want to continue with my gym time and get back into a more established routine that includes cardio and strength training.

I want to get back to jogging with a goal in mind to jog 2 miles without stopping.

I want to tone and build some muscle. Not like body building muscles, just toned muscles.


I want to really put some money back in savings so I’m going to readjust my budget accordingly so that I can meet a specific figure by the end of 2013.

I want to help Mike pay off his car.

I want to pay off a chunk of my student loans. I’ll go with a goal of paying off half, but that might be unrealistic.


I want to get my daughter into pre-school and enroll her in dance classes. I’ve been wanting to get her in dance for a while, but it was set back when my work got really busy.

I want to meet my weight goal so that Mike and I can have another baby.

I want to spend as much time with my sister as possible before she goes back to California in a few months.

I want to have a will drawn up in case anything happens to me or Mike. I want to make sure Brooke will be taken care of. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time.


I love the company I work for so I’m not sure what to add here for my current job. I guess continue to work hard and try to find a way to grow within the company.

I’d also like to find something on the side for health and fitness. I want to help people lose weight so this will be a new focus for 2013. I’ve thought about becoming a Weight Watchers consultant. I love their program and I consider that a huge part of the success I’ve already had.


I’m ashamed that I’m having to come back into this post and edit it to add my faith. I didn’t think about adding it as a goal until I came across fitness charts and one included a goal list for everything I mentioned above, but faith and friends too. My faith is a huge part of who I am. I’m so blessed. I want to get back into church. I haven’t been for so long, but it’s important to me that my daughter grows up knowing about God. So church and school is where it started for me. I need to give that to my daughter too.


I’ve been letting myself get annoyed by people who tell me, “I don’t see you anymore.” Well I think that goes both ways. They can pick up the phone as much as I can. They can make an effort to hang out just as I can. And I know I ask the “friends” who tell me this to get together but I’m blown off. So instead of letting these “friends” piss me off, I’m going to focus on the people who are there and the people who make me feel good instead of “friends” that just try to make me feel like crap. That is my friends goal for 2013. To focus on the people who matter and disregard those that don’t.


So that’s that. That is my goal list for 2013. No unrealistic goals. These are all achievable goals I can attain in the next 12 months. This time next year as we’re about to celebrate entering a new year of 2014, I hope to look at this list and feel accomplished.

To start working on my goals, I registered last night for the Resolution Revolution Walk scheduled for tomorrow morning. I’m not going to lie, if it weren’t for the persistence of my sister I probably wouldn’t have. The idea of getting up early on New Years Day to walk in the snow and cold, eh… not so appealing, but now that I registered I’m glad. Getting up early to walk, inside or outside, is more in line with my 2013 fitness goals than a hangover. So I’ll be starting the New Year on the right track to getting where I want to be.