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My sister and I started the New Year by going downtown to participate in the New Year Revolution Walk. It was either a 3, 6 or 9 mile walk depending on your preference. I felt like I was in a first episode of the Biggest Loser. Anybody who watches that show can appreciate what I mean. My sister turned into Jillian Michaels and I wanted to strangle her! 🙂 I don’t think anybody has ever pushed me so hard in my life, but when it was over I appreciated it. I let my head tell me when to stop instead of listening to my body. I gotta stop that! I can walk 6 miles easy, but jogging really pushed me. I’m not a runner, but I want to be. So we walked/jogged 6 miles and I feel it today. Stretching has helped. I stretched several times yesterday and again upon waking up this morning.

I’m excited that we changed our entry into 2013. A hangover may have been a usual practice. Or maybe just sleeping in all morning from staying up late the night before. This year we changed it up by starting it off with exercise and I feel great. It was a good choice and a new tradition. I hope she and her husband are home from California next year so we can all do it together.

That said, I have another goal. This time next year I’m going to do this same Revolution Walk. I want to do 9 miles and run the majority of it. So I’m going to get back into jogging, which was another goal of mine anyway. We’re already set to do another walk in February. Kim found it last night. It’s a 5K Valentines walk. I’m going to continue with more walks, another 2013 goal of mine, and I’m going to use these walks to prepare myself for the Revolution Walk of 2014.

I’m off to a great start I think. My motivation is the picture I’m going to take when I reach my overall weight loss goal and knowing that if I work hard it will happen sometime in the next few months.

On another note, the Biggest Loser comes back on the 7th I think so set your DVR! I cannot wait. I cleaned out my Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday deleting any useless stuff. In it’s place I added a lot of fitness, nutrition, exercise, health, and healthy recipe pages. My plan is to surround myself with positive, like-minded people and as much information as I can. Whether it’s friends, family, magazines, books, TV, online articles, FB, Twitter,… whatever. I want to be around people motivated as I am and information that will help get me where I want to be. I think doing so will keep my head in the game.


Kim and I toasting at the New Year Revolution Walk 2013.