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I finally got my results back from my blood work. Everything came back normal except for my glucose levels. I was 2 points above the recommended amount so I go back on the 14th to retest it. I think it’s due to the fact that I eat a lot of fruit. I make allowances for the carbs because it’s fruit. So to fix this I’m going to start adding in protein with fruit I eat and limit fruit to 2-3 times a day instead of what I have been doing. I’ve just been using fruit as my go to snack but I think I’m eating too much of it. By adding in protein with it I think it will balance it out, and I’m going to add in more veggies instead of just relying on fruit as a snack.

Everything else came back ok so I am very relieved. I had my thryoid tested and other stuff I don’t know the medical name for. My main concern was my thryoid and being tested for diabetes. So I feel better having done the testing.

Last night I went to the gym. I’m trying not to overdue it with my renewed motivation. I really pushed myself on New Years in our revolution walk and I was still a little sore. When it came time to leave for the gym I kept going back and forth. I was sore and I had a few errands to do anyway. I almost gave in to the errands to skip gym time. I ended up going to the gym and I’m glad I did. I decided I will not get into the excuses. If I start on the excuses then I’ll just keep making allowances for those bad habits and I’m not doing it anymore. It’s not worth it and I am only setting myself back when I make those allowances. When I left the gym I could feel the fat in my legs and butt crying and it felt great. Sore but great. I’ve been battling my extra weight for over a year now. I’ve lost over 60 pounds so I’ve won a lot of battles, but I’m over it. I just waged all out war with my fat. No more excuses. No allowances. No more “I will try.” I will. That’s it. I will do it and watch out to anything that tries to get in my way.