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Overdrive is an app on your phone, ipad, tablet or whatever device you have that provides apps. It is a library app. So you put in your library card number and you have access to thousands of books for free. A lot of the books I’ve read that have helped me through this process were free from this app. I haven’t been reading as much as I want to lately due to my crazy work schedule, but with the holidays work has slowed down so I’m starting to take advantage again. Last night I downloaded several books. I will add more about the ones I’m reading later because I don’t have the information with me now to get the name and author right. Some of my favorites though are from Jackie Warner, Jillian Michaels, and Bob Harper. Can you tell I’m a Biggest Loser fan? I fell in love with Jillian and Bob on the show and their books are very informative. You can also find books about weight loss, eating healthy, fitness, diabetes, sugar, self help books and any other subject that will help you reach your goal. Knowledge is power. Take advantage of the vast amount of information out there because a lot of it is free.

Also, the Biggest Loser comes on tomorrow! Can’t wait!