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I’ve been blogging since June of last year. In the beginning I was informational. I wanted to share everything that worked for me. Since then, this blog has developed into more of a journal and a place where I can hold myself accountable. People ask me a lot what I’m doing to lose weight. I usually refer to my blog when people do, but no one wants to scroll through my rambling to look for useful information. So today I decided to make a summary post for all of the posts I’ve done in the past that I feel would help people live healthier and/or lose weight. These are the suggestions I would make to anybody who wants to make changes that are realistic and long term, and these are the changes I’ve made myself that have helped me get where I am today.

My before and after – starting now to make changes – see here.

How you can do Weight Watchers on your own, for FREE – see here.

How to use the free Weight Watchers app on your phone – see here.

Don’t drink soda. That includes regular AND diet – see here and here.

The importance of preparation. Preparation = successful weight loss. Try using Tupperware – see here.

Staying motivated to lose weight – see here.

My Fitness Pal (food tracker) and a breakdown of understanding nutrition labels – see here.

Tips to making healthy food choices – see here.

My tips to losing weight and keeping it off – see here.

Easy changes you can make today to start living healthier and/or losing weight – see here.

Using a free app on your phone to download books for FREE and learn about fitness, nutrition, and weight loss – see here.

To lose weight you have to EAT – a day in my food diary – see here and here.

Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day and how this applies to your weight loss – see here.

Finding ways to make exercise fun – see here.

Tips from Jackie Warner on what to eat and how to exercise (from a book called, “This is Why You’re Fat and How to Get Thin Forever) – see here.