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The other day I think I mentioned I lost some inches in my waist. The same day I decided to go shopping with my sister. I needed new workout pants and I wanted to see how close I was from fitting into a size 12 jeans. Much to my surprise, I was in fact quite shocked, they fit! I think it was a stretchy pant and I’m certain my butt stretched them right out, but I don’t care. They are a size 12 and I can zip them up, lol! Kim asked me if I kept pants from “before.” Of course not. I threw those clothes away. No excuse to go back to them, ever. So we did a before and after of the pants I would have worn, which was a 20-22, and compared them to my new size 12. I am very happy indeed. And to think I’m still 34 pounds from my goal weight. I don’t know what I’ll be wearing when I get there, but I’m excited to find out! Disregard bad hair day…


I am also equally excited about my work. Two weeks ago I was temporarily laid off due to lack of work. I work for a construction company and with it being winter it is to be expected. Friday night my boss called me to offer an opportunity to get back into marketing with our company. He said it was the direction to make me more with the company and that we would talk compensation packages. So HECK YEA. I am very excited about that AND the idea of being able to work creatively, which I enjoy.

All in all, this has been a great week. I love the direction I’m moving in. I’m excited about life and the opportunities I am so blessed with. I just pray I can run with those opportunities and not let anybody down. I’m going to work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Today marks day 31 from the day I made my New Years Goals. I am right on track to where I want to be. I’m 4 pounds from my first goal, which was to lose 10 pounds. I made a long list of short term and long term goals for the new year. As I go I’m going to mark them off one by one.

I weigh in tomorrow and I’m ready. I put in a lot of work this week to make sure I’m going to be happy with it. Today is meatless Thursday, which I set as a goal on Monday. So no meat on the agenda today. Goals are in check and everything is running smooth.