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I mentioned before that I have a cousin who is an expert on anything important about weight loss, nutrition and fitness. How convenient right? Seriously yes, I am very lucky. I mentioned to my aunt that I was going to do Jackie’s plan and she called my cousin right away. After talking to Heather I decided I’m not going with Jackie’s nutrition plan. A 1200 calorie plan is one thing, but I didn’t take into consideration how much I work out. I don’t want to mess up my metabolism. Instead I am going with Jackie’s fitness plan, but I’m going with to keep doing what I have with my nutrition. I’m losing weight. I feel great. There is really no reason to drop to 1200 calories and risk damaging my metabolism even if I intended it for short term.

The main reason I wanted to do Jackie’s plan in the first place was to challenge myself with something. I like numbers. I like having a plan, whether it be 10 days or whatever. So the 3 phases appealed to me.

So, long conversation short, I am going to challenge myself instead with the fitness part of Jackie’s plan, which is where I’m slacking anyway because I focus too much on cardio and that is an absolute no-no. I know it’s a big no- no, but it doesn’t stop me from letting it slip. Jackie’s plan will help with that because it all involves weights and the cardio in between is jumping rope.

I’m also going to work out a plan where I may do as Heather suggested and circuit my calories. Do low calorie days, then maintenance calorie days, then low again. I need to talk to her again when I’m not in such a rush and I can write the exact information down. I like this though idea though because what she described really fit well with my habits now and it will keep my body guessing. It looks something like this:

  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday = low calorie day
  • Wendesday = high calorie day (Extra calories coming from nutritious foods only)
  • Thursday, Friday = low calorie day
  • Saturday = high calorie day (“Cheat” meal)

I failed to mention in my previous post about Jackie’s plan that it included 2 cheat meals on the weekend. She said to look at the week as a work week with our food. We worked hard all week so come the weekend we get 2 cheat meals that don’t exceed 1000 calories. So the high calorie days would equate my cheat meals, but fall on Wednesday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday as I have been.

I need to talk to Heather again about the calories per day, but I’m thinking for low calorie day 1400-1600, and a high calorie day to be 1800-2200.

Anyway, rather than limit what I’m eating all week to exact foods per day as I had in my previous plan, I am going to limit myself to certain foods. This list is according to what’s in my kitchen at the moment. My snacks, and how many snacks I have, will depend on my calories for that day and what I’ve eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So my new food plan this week:

Breakfast: 230 Calories

I’m keeping breakfast the same because I love this meal in the morning. It doesn’t take too long. It is visually appealing because it’s a plateful and it keeps me full.

Scrambled omelette made up of:

  • Grape tomatoes 1/2 cup – 54 Calories
  • Cheddar mild 2% milk reduced fat shredded cheese 1/8 cup – 40 Calories (I’m unhappy with this package and I need to find a sub. It was the best my grocery had unfortunately. I can usually do 1/4 cup for the same amount as 1/8 of this one.)
  • Liquid egg whites 6 tbsp – 50 Calories
  • 1 whole egg – 70 Calories
  • Spinach 1 cup – 7 Calories
  • Mushrooms  1/2 cup – 9 Calories


One of the following

  • Deli smoked turkey slices 4 slices 80 calories
  • Baked tilapia filet – 110 calories
  • Johnsonville turkey sausage 120 Calories
  • Gortons fish sandwich fillet 150 calories


  • Broccoli 1 cup – 30 Calories
  • Avocado 1/2 raw – 161 Calories


One of the following:

  • Boneless skinless chicken breasts 4 ounces – 100 calories
  • Baked tilapia filet – 110 calories


  • Green beans 1 cup – 40 calories
  • Asparagus 5 spears – 20 calories
  • Whole grains brown rice, 1/2 cup 155 calories


  • Greek Yogurt 1 cup – 120 calories, 1/2 cup blueberries 41 calories
  • Apple with skin 80 cal, Peanut butter 1-2 tbsp 105-210 calories OR
  • Celery  1 cup chopped, 14 calories, peanut butter 1-2 tbsp 105-210 calories (my PB fix with either apple or celery)
  • Tangerine 37 Calories
  • Nutrition wholesom nut mix – 1 package – 200 Calories
  • Egg white 14 calories per egg
  • Grapes 1 cup, 110 calories
  • Carrots raw 1 cup, 52 calories
  • Banana, 111 calories

And my overall plan of the week (no edits here):

  • Follow the meal plan as listed above
  • Cardio workout in gym Monday – Friday
  • Jackie’s home workout Monday – Friday
  • Complete Valentine’s Day walk/run with my sister on Saturday. The goal is to run as much of it as I can with no more than a minute of walking in between.
  • Rest on Sunday
  • Drink 13 cups of water a day – Jackie said by drinking 3 liters of water you increase your metabolism by 33%.

I am now unofficially (since it isn’t my Friday weigh in) about 5.5 pounds from being in the hundreds. I was going to see the movie Safe Haven when it comes out on Valentine’s Day. I doubt I will meet it by Thursday, but at any rate I changed my mind about my reward. Instead of the movie I’m going to buy some new running shoes!