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Last week was an off week for me. Starting Monday night at a Pacers game with some nachos, it soon became a free reign for the entire week. To make up for that I’m really going to have to push it this week to have a loss on Friday. So, my goals for the week are:

  • Drink at least 13 cups of water a day
  • Cardio in gym 3 times this week (Monday-Friday)
  • Cardio outside 2 times this week (Monday-Friday)
  • Polar Bear run with Kim on Saturday
  • Jackie Warner strength train at home 4 times this week (Monday – Saturday)
  • Rest day on Sunday
  • Track food

Last Saturday my sister and I participated in the Valentine run/walk. untitled

This picture makes me laugh. Kim looks so calm, like she’s planning her dinner later. I look exhausted. We’re doing another event on Saturday called the Polar Bear event. I’m determined to cross that finish line cheesing big time. The run itself wasn’t too bad. It was freezing, but besides that I did a lot better than the Revolution Walk/Run. Our time was 43 minutes, so about 14.5 minutes per mile. I can beat that. I’m going to wear something over my  face on Saturday. One of the things that I feel I’ve improved on since the Revolution Walk/Run is better control over my breathing. I so did not feel that on Saturday and I chaulk it up to the cold. I felt the cold seeped into my lungs and I had trouble breathing.  I think I got too comfortable being inside on the treadmill. To make up for that I’m making a point of getting outside at least twice this week no matter what the weather is.

So I’m starting off on track this week with a focus. Last week is gone and all I have is today. Today is a clean slate.