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I don’t know what has come over me the last 2 weeks. I’m not even going to kid myself. I went completely off course. As I said on Friday, it is what it is. For 2 days now I am back in it. I got on WordPress last night and read all of the blogs I follow. That motivated me. Then I got on Pinterest to dig around. So I stayed up until 1 or 2AM last night and I am fully motivated today. Tracking food, check. Gym time as soon as Mike gets home, check. Coming home to watch the Biggest Loser episode from Monday and do weights, check. No excuse. No interruption. My butt will be in the gym within the hour.

I find this to be a pattern. The closer I get to the 100’s I start to self destruct. I don’t know if it’s because it’s taking so long and I’m just over seeing the 2 in my weight. Not that the number should matter, but I’ve been at this so long I just want to be 1something. 199. 198. 199.9999999 I don’t care. I just want a 1.

Whatever the reason for my slip – I’m done. My anniversary is coming up on the 11th. Mike and I have been together 12 years (I think). 12 or 13. I think 12. Anyway, I want to be in the 100’s when that happens because I will officially be the weight I was when he and I started dating. I was right at 199-200. The lowest I’ve been since he and I started dating is 175, which is my overall goal weight. I JUST WANT TO GET INTO THE HUNDREDS!!!!!!!!! Ugh.

So tomorrow is my weigh in day. I have no idea what I weigh today. I don’t care because it won’t be official until tomorrow anyway so I’m not even stepping on it. Then tomorrow I will re-evaluate what I need to do to get over this stupid 200 mark.