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I completed my Polar Bear 5 mile run event on Saturday. I am THRILLED to say that I ran my first mile without stopping! It kind of came out of no where and I shocked even myself. The entire time I kept thinking, “This isn’t too bad” and it wasn’t!! Before I knew it I was at 0.75 miles, at which point I was so close I couldn’t stop. Then when that clicked over into 1.0 I literally reenacted the Rocky theme, lol. If I wasn’t conscious of tripping over myself or another runner I may have done a cartwheel right in the middle of the intersection. This one mile goal feels almost as good as what I expect to feel when I reach my 100 pound goal… almost. If a mile makes me want to do cartwheels I don’t know that I can handle the elation of finally reaching this 100 pound mark. I’ve just been working so long towards that one mile. I quit, started again, quit. Now I did it and the accomplishment I feel is pretty damn good. On to my next goal of 2 miles! I haven’t gotten our picture from this race yet, but I will post it when I do. I made a point of trying to look happy instead of completely exhausted. As I was exhausted I don’t know if I succeeded, lol.