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Last week: 209.8

This week: 206.1

Oh YAH! Loss 3.7 pounds. Total loss 68.9 pounds, 31.1 from my 100 pound goal, and 7.1 pounds from being in One-Derland (figuring to 199).

I’m happy with that. That puts me below what I was when I got off track and gained a bit back. I have 10 days to lose 7.1 pounds. I don’t know if that’s entirely feasible, but we need goals and mine is to be in One-Derland on my anniversary. If I’m not, I’ll still be happy because I’m pretty darn close. More importantly it’s the beginning of the month and I lost inches too so I am a happy girl this morning!

I think a good part of my loss was an It Works product called Fat Fighters. I’ve been taking it for about a week and a half. You take 2 after your biggest meal and it blocks some of the fat and carbs from our meals. I did good with my food last week, but I did slip a few times for pizza and fast food. I hate fast food, but I gave in to the “I’m to busy” and mucked on preparation. I still lost though so I’m excited.

Aside from weight loss, I am on a personal growth mission. Joining It Works has really helped me with this. I want to be successful! And our biggest enemy is ourself and self doubt. I’m working on changing my subconscious so that it doesn’t put negative thoughts on something that I am completely focused on. So last night I read “Beach Money” by Jordan Adler. He says when you see yourself as unlucky your subconscious mind begins to look for and find evidence that supports that belief. We attract what we think about. If we identify ourselves as being successful and believe it, we will attract success. He says, “If you want to begin to attract all the luck, simply declare yourself as a lucky person and begin to believe it! Take on the label of someone who has all the luck! Then start to look for your lucky moments all week long. You will be surprised by how much luck you attract into your life on a daily basis.”

I think this is so true. If we only dwell on the bad things we don’t appreciate the good. SO, taking Mr. Adler’s advice, I’m going to state my goals (as a combination of a previous chapter and what I put above).

I AM SUCCESSFUL. I will be a Diamond Member at my next It Works conference.


I am lucky because I have now 2 jobs that I love. I have the love of my life, an incredible daughter, family, and friends. I am lucky because I have my health, as do those I love. I’m lucky because I have a roof over my head, and a car to get me to and from where I need to be. I am lucky because I am alive, and for a million reasons more I am so blessed.

He said to write down your goals for the next 3 months because when we write them down it makes them more achievable. The goal is supposed to be ones that get you excited, that you must be able to do within 3 months, to NOT be practical, and limit to 3.

1) OWN MY TIME. I joined It Works because I will be getting paid to help people lose weight and achieve what they what with their bodies. That was my goal for 2013. To find something to do that. I’m always so busy. I want to own my own time and be financially secure while still owning my own time so I can spend it with my daughter. I have that with my full time job, sort of. But I need a part time job and without It Works I’d have to be on someone else’s schedule.

2) Student loans – ugh. It Works is all about getting out of debt. I don’t have debt besides my student loans so this is my goal. I want to pay off ¼ of my student loan debt within 3 months.

3) Open a college fund for my daughter.

I am on track in every way that matters.