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Last week: 206.1

This week: 205.9

Loss is 0.2. Total loss 69.1 pounds, 30.9 from my 100 pound goal, and 6.9 pounds from being in One-Derland (figuring to 199).

A loss is a loss! Especially after this week. I spent a chunk of my time in Ohio this week for work. Looking at My Fitness Pal I am very lucky to not have gained this week. My meals have consisted of pizza, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, a wrap full of bacon and mayo, and Hardees. I was a fast food junkie this week. I haven’t seen a single Subway and believe me when I say I was looking. That said, I’m still on track. I’ve tried to make the healthiest options possible, but yeah. I had to eat! This makes me even more appreciative that I work right in my own kitchen surrounded by my own food. I did get to try Gumbo for the first time in my life and some of the best corn bread I have ever had while I was in Ohio and I am a fan! It could be that I haven’t had corn bread in so long even watered down corn bread would have been good, but this had actual corn in it. LOVE!

I am very excited because I have been TITLED! I’m referring to my work of course. I am now the Marketing & Social Media Director. I am very thrilled about that and the direction I’m heading. I love being on the internet anyway, so hello! I get paid for to tweet? Awesomeness. I love anything that allows me to design and be creative too so in a nutshell, I am tickled pink.