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My sister sent me this picture the other day. The one on top was from 2 years ago at the St. Patrick’s Day parade. The one on the bottom is from last week’s St. Patrick’s Day parade!


I am very excited about my progress. I’m not under 200 yet, but you know what it’s ok. I’m finally tired of chasing the number. I am working hard. I feel great. I don’t care what the number is as long as it stays the same or lower (don’t want that number going back up!). I still want to reach my goal, and I will because I am working my butt off, but I’m not going to lose the time that I have now. I am going to enjoy myself. I love my life and every single person that is part of it. So what about a number? The number doesn’t define me or the great place I am in. Truly I am blessed beyond words. I feel like everything is coming together. God is good.