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Last week: 203.3
This week: 205.6

Gain 2.3 pounds. I expected this because I was sick all week. Why can’t I be a normal person that doesn’t want to eat when they are sick? Instead I wanted to eat everything in sight… and I did, lol! It is what it is. 2.3 pounds isn’t going to kill me and I feel like a new person today so I’m even going to the gym! It’ll be back down next week.

I do have fun news. My boyfriend of 11 years proposed to me Tuesday night on April Fool’s Day! The big jokester. I thought he was messing with me, but he was being serious! I’m excited to be over my cold so that he and I can start talking more about this. And I can’t believe he actually did it. You wait 11 years for something knowing it’ll happen eventually, and now that it has I find myself still getting used to it, lol.

Brooke is coming home TOMORROW! I am so excited to see her. She’s been gone since last Tuesday. She is having so much fun in Florida with her cousins that I am glad we agreed to let her go. I sure do miss her though. I can’t wait to see her tomorrow night.

I am still wrapping! It’s amazing how much I enjoy this. The excitement people have when they see the wraps really do work makes me feel good. I met a woman yesterday who lost over 100 pounds after she and her husband got a divorce. She wanted the wrap to help with sagging around her belly. She looked GOOD! She was motivation for me since I am still reaching for that 100 pound loss. She’s down to around 120-130. Her story was inspirational. Without It Works I would have never met her. So I am very thankful.

Things at my other job are the same, but I’ve had some projects wrap up that took some stress off. We’re getting closer and closer to a hail storm. I just hope it happens early next week or after I get back from California. We leave next Friday. I’m going to miss my sister, but I am thankful for the time we had with her while she was home. I am excited for her too because her going back means her husband is that much closer to being home! I can’t imagine being gone that long. God bless those who serve in our military.

That is all for today! Everyone have a blessed day!