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So I’ve been absent for a while. I barely have time to breath let alone blog, but I’m still on the weight loss train. I’ve relapsed a few times with my food. Since I got back from California it has been an ongoing struggle to keep with my food routine. I’m back in the gym working out, which definitely helps. But I am a fatty that cannot stop eating, lol!  So I decided just a day or so ago that I’m going to do another detox. I feel like I need a reboot. Sugar is the devil and my body craves it constantly. Damn those Sprinkle cupcake shops in California!! I think a detox is just what I need. I’m trying now to figure out when I want to start. This weekend I will be out of the house the entire time. So not this weekend. Wednesday I have to go to Ohio for work. So I think Thursday morning is as good a time as any. Unless I do it Monday and Tuesday as a 2 day detox, but that’s not going to be effective. I need to think about this some more and figure out my schedule.

I decided to start fresh. My biggest problem coming back was that we ate fast food every single day while on the way to Cali and while we were there. So of coursed I gained a few pounds. As soon as I started chasing the number I was at before we left, I couldn’t maintain and I just kept eating. So I created a new My Fitness Pal so I wasn’t staring at that old number. Now I’m just starting fresh from where I’m at right now. It’s helping.

Completely off subject and random, but recently I completed the Dirty Girl Mud Run. I am amazed at just how fun it was. I can’t wait to do it again next year! Any ladies out there who haven’t heard of this should look into it.

My sister sent me this picture. The one on the left was me before on my first trip to San Diego. The right is the most recent. It is definitely  motivating to keep at this. I never EVER want to be that girl on the left again.


I need to go back to work now so that is all for now.