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After a few cheat months (yes months, not meals or days), I am back with my Operation Skinny & Fit plan. I had my baby in January. I gained back quite a bit of weight during my pregnancy. I think after “dieting” for so long I looked at my pregnancy as a break… a total regret by the way. Regardless, my son is here and healthy and I am now recommitting myself to Operation Skinny & Fit.

I rejoined Weight Watchers a few weeks ago. I lost 50 pounds with WW before I started calorie counting. That switch is my biggest regret. I got bored with the points and needed something new. Had I continued with WW instead of My Fitness Pal and calories I know I wouldn’t have gained what I did and could even be at goal right now. I’m not going to worry about that now though. I’m back with the WW program and I am in complete control of my foods.

My problem since my re-commitment to this weight loss journey has been my activity level. Before I got pregnant I was working out at least 5 days a week. I knew getting back into this that I couldn’t go into it with the expectation that I was going to immediately start at that many days  and my previous level. I’d get burnt out. And naturally with a newborn baby I was wore out and exercise was the last thing on my mind anyway. I found a solution for this…

I bought a FitBit on Sunday. If anyone finds themselves needing to move more I totally recommend the FitBit. It’s a wireless pedometer that tracks your steps, mileage, active minutes, and calories burned. You can also track your water and calories with it but I use WW for that. I find myself motivated by the number. It recommends you get at least 10K steps in a day. I took my daughter to the zoo yesterday and we walked around the the bike path at the park today to get in extra steps. So now I’m not only making sure I’m moving more, but this change is going to benefit my daughter as well. The Fitbit clips onto my bra or you can clip it to your pants and it syncs with the FitBit app on my phone or with their website. I forget it’s there, but today when we walked at the park I let my daughter play on the playground. I was short of my step goal so instead of sitting down or standing there I walked in place beside my stroller until I hit my mark. Never would I have done that if I didn’t have my FitBit!

Today is my weigh in day with WW. I lost 3.3 pounds last week. Now that I have my FitBit and I’m moving more I can’t wait for my weigh in next Wednesday!

Instead of chasing myself to get back where I was I am starting over on a clean slate. I sat down and made a new list of why I want this and what my goals are. They are:

1) My overall goal is the same as it was before. I want to weigh 175 pounds. That is my main goal. Once I get there if I need to lose more I will re-evaluate but that is a 100 pound marker for me. This time around it’s actually a 108 pound marker, but regardless that is my goal weight.

2) Short term goal – I need to incorporate more activity into my schedule. I will use my FitBit as encouragement for this. I want 10K steps a day and if it means I have to walk around my block, up and down my hallway, or go to the grocery store then I’ll do what I have to.

3) Continue with healthy eating for myself and for my kids.

4) Run a mile again without stopping

Small steps. I have the Dirty Girl Mud Run coming up again on the 17th and I’m going to Kings Island mid June. I’m using both as incentive. I don’t want to worry about fitting on the rides when I get to Kings Island.