“Yikes” is what I think when I look at that picture. It’s a comparison from last year’s Dirty Girl Mud Run to this year. Last year I was 50 pounds less and working out 4-5 days a week. This year, again… Yikes. I felt every single pound and it was hard, but motivating because it’s a good reminder of where I want to be again. I finished this mud run with a goal in mind that next year I will not only be smaller than I was last year, but I will be at my 100 pound goal.

In order to do this I found a few more run/walk events here in Indy that I want to do. I even found one for Parkinson’s and I am very excited about that as all proceeds go to the Parkinson’s Foundation. I’m going to see if my family wants to do this in honor of my grandpa.

Still reminding myself everyday that this is a process and not a rush to get where I was. It can be a tough reminder. In the long run I need to lose this weight for my health and to be better for my kids. So I’m just going to have to start making time in the evening for the gym. When I work out I eat right. So now after today I see that this is a necessity and I’ll just have to deal with it.