I am proud of myself tonight. I went to dinner with the family to a buffet of all places. I didn’t go over my WW points, but I did splurge on my bonus points with a little carrot cake. When I got home I decided to go to the gym, but then I got caught up in a snuggle with my 2 kids and I didn’t want to go. I literally had to drag myself out of bed, but I went! The 40 minutes I spent on the treadmill is the reminder I needed that NO carrot cake is worth that. Plus it was a reminder that lost snuggle time with my babies means I’m making myself healthy to be with them longer and to have more energy to play.

I weigh in on Saturday and so far this week I’m down another 4 pounds. I lost 8 pounds last week. I’ve been going over my numbers and I’m stoked that I’m now only 37 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, which I will share just so I can see the numbers and keep myself accountable somewhere besides my thoughts.

My pre-pregnancy weight was 210. I was fluctuating a little before I got pregnant so I’m counting it as that.

I got up to a WHOPPING 283 pounds being pregnant, which is sadly more than what I weighed before I lost the 75 pounds and I got pregnant. Oh well. So I gained 73 pounds. I said 60 before, but I was taking out 11 pounds of baby since that’s what my son weighed. But counting him I gained 73 pounds. It is what it is.

I weighed in today at 247 so since having my son I’ve lost 36 pounds.

I have 37 pounds to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight and 72 pounds to get to my overall goal of getting to 175. Then once I hit that I will re-evaluate for a new goal that will take me to an average weight for my height and build, but for now it’s my main goal.

It’s a lot easier looking at the 37 pounds so that is my goal right now and I will get there! It took me so long after William was born to get over the discouragement of what I gained. It took me longer to realize I can’t turn back the clock to change that, but I can stop it from getting worse and having to do even more to catch up to where I was. So I’m on a blank slate and starting fresh. I’m solid for a few weeks now and I feel really good. My FitBit is a huge help. It is HARD getting to 10K steps a day when you work at a computer all day. The gym is a must so since having my FitBit I find myself in the gym again.  When I work out I eat right.

1 more day until my next weigh in.