Previous weight: 236.8
Current weight: 233.9

Loss: 2.9 lbs
Total loss: 49.1

I’m surprised to have a 2.9 loss this week. I had a lot of distractions last week. My weigh in day is every Saturday. Last Saturday I had a family reunion. Then we went to the zoo with family on Sunday. My daughter had tubes in her ears on Tuesday so we were in the hospital all day for that. Thursday we were with family for fireworks and again on Friday. So I’ve been gone a lot this week and my weekly total of steps on my fitbit are sad. I’m about halfway to where I need to be, but oh well. Today is my weigh in day so I’m looking at a fresh week and I had almost a 3 lb loss so I am thrilled.

I’m .8 pounds from officially being at a 50 pound loss. I’m going to work hard this week to be in the 220’s at my next weigh in.

I am in a Weight Watchers challenge group that has a goal set to lose 50 pounds. Since I joined that group I’ve lost 13.9 pounds. When I get to the 50 pound goal I will be at 197.8. I can’t wait. It’s motivating to see that number with that group. It gives me a different number to focus on besides my weight and I like being challenged. Being able to compete with others keeps me in the mindset to keep losing.

So my goals this week:
Water… I need 117 ounces a day, which is about 4 of my 30 ounce water bottles.
Exercise… Meet my fitbit goal of steps and stairs.

Aside from that I will eat and track as normal. I love Saturdays. It’s a clean slate.

On an end note, I get so irritated when I see people in my FB Weight Watchers group say they are quitting because they aren’t losing fast enough. I think the reason I’m successful with this is because I know it’s a journey and not a race. No matter where I am tomorrow I know I will be better than I was today. My days will catch up soon enough and I will be at my goal weight. It cannot come soon enough, but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy the now while I work at it.