It’s as close as you get to magic!


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How AMAZING is this? I have to share. These are results from my client from ONE wrap.



Friday Weigh In & Update!


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Last week: 203.3
This week: 205.6

Gain 2.3 pounds. I expected this because I was sick all week. Why can’t I be a normal person that doesn’t want to eat when they are sick? Instead I wanted to eat everything in sight… and I did, lol! It is what it is. 2.3 pounds isn’t going to kill me and I feel like a new person today so I’m even going to the gym! It’ll be back down next week.

I do have fun news. My boyfriend of 11 years proposed to me Tuesday night on April Fool’s Day! The big jokester. I thought he was messing with me, but he was being serious! I’m excited to be over my cold so that he and I can start talking more about this. And I can’t believe he actually did it. You wait 11 years for something knowing it’ll happen eventually, and now that it has I find myself still getting used to it, lol.

Brooke is coming home TOMORROW! I am so excited to see her. She’s been gone since last Tuesday. She is having so much fun in Florida with her cousins that I am glad we agreed to let her go. I sure do miss her though. I can’t wait to see her tomorrow night.

I am still wrapping! It’s amazing how much I enjoy this. The excitement people have when they see the wraps really do work makes me feel good. I met a woman yesterday who lost over 100 pounds after she and her husband got a divorce. She wanted the wrap to help with sagging around her belly. She looked GOOD! She was motivation for me since I am still reaching for that 100 pound loss. She’s down to around 120-130. Her story was inspirational. Without It Works I would have never met her. So I am very thankful.

Things at my other job are the same, but I’ve had some projects wrap up that took some stress off. We’re getting closer and closer to a hail storm. I just hope it happens early next week or after I get back from California. We leave next Friday. I’m going to miss my sister, but I am thankful for the time we had with her while she was home. I am excited for her too because her going back means her husband is that much closer to being home! I can’t imagine being gone that long. God bless those who serve in our military.

That is all for today! Everyone have a blessed day!

Friday Weigh In

Last week: 203.4
This week: 203.3

ARGH!!! lol I’m not upset though. I’m too busy to be upset. I think that’s more water than anything because I didn’t drink enough. So today I’m making water a focus and there is next week. I’m getting there!

I’m slacking on my posts lately, but I’ve just been so busy. My daughter is in Florida so I’ve been knocking out my to do list. I’m sure I will get wordy next week as soon as that list runs out of stuff to do. So until then… keep pushing and have a great weekend! 🙂

Friday Weigh In!


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Last week: 204.2

This week: 203.4

Loss this week of 0.8, bringing me to a total loss of 71.6 pounds.

I’m inching closer!! Not bad for someone who hasn’t stepped a foot in a gym for about 1.5 weeks. My daughter is going to Florida on Tuesday and she will be gone for almost 2 weeks. In the midst of my misery while I am missing her I am going to use that focus in the gym. We leave for California on the 12th and I’d still like to reach my goal by then. So I have about 3 weeks to knock it out. Or at least get below 200 and since Brooke will be gone for 2 of those 3 weeks I’m going to need something to do anyway so I don’t go crazy with her not being here. What better place to take it than the gym?

That is really all for today. I’ll be wrapping some people tonight when I get off work. Girls night tonight so I’m stoked about that. More wrapping tomorrow then family time the rest of the weekend.

What a difference a year (or 2) can make!


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My sister sent me this picture the other day. The one on top was from 2 years ago at the St. Patrick’s Day parade. The one on the bottom is from last week’s St. Patrick’s Day parade!


I am very excited about my progress. I’m not under 200 yet, but you know what it’s ok. I’m finally tired of chasing the number. I am working hard. I feel great. I don’t care what the number is as long as it stays the same or lower (don’t want that number going back up!). I still want to reach my goal, and I will because I am working my butt off, but I’m not going to lose the time that I have now. I am going to enjoy myself. I love my life and every single person that is part of it. So what about a number? The number doesn’t define me or the great place I am in. Truly I am blessed beyond words. I feel like everything is coming together. God is good.

Friday Weigh In!


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Last week: 206.1

This week: 205.9

Loss is 0.2. Total loss 69.1 pounds, 30.9 from my 100 pound goal, and 6.9 pounds from being in One-Derland (figuring to 199).

A loss is a loss! Especially after this week. I spent a chunk of my time in Ohio this week for work. Looking at My Fitness Pal I am very lucky to not have gained this week. My meals have consisted of pizza, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, a wrap full of bacon and mayo, and Hardees. I was a fast food junkie this week. I haven’t seen a single Subway and believe me when I say I was looking. That said, I’m still on track. I’ve tried to make the healthiest options possible, but yeah. I had to eat! This makes me even more appreciative that I work right in my own kitchen surrounded by my own food. I did get to try Gumbo for the first time in my life and some of the best corn bread I have ever had while I was in Ohio and I am a fan! It could be that I haven’t had corn bread in so long even watered down corn bread would have been good, but this had actual corn in it. LOVE!

I am very excited because I have been TITLED! I’m referring to my work of course. I am now the Marketing & Social Media Director. I am very thrilled about that and the direction I’m heading. I love being on the internet anyway, so hello! I get paid for to tweet? Awesomeness. I love anything that allows me to design and be creative too so in a nutshell, I am tickled pink.

Friday Weigh In


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Last week: 209.8

This week: 206.1

Oh YAH! Loss 3.7 pounds. Total loss 68.9 pounds, 31.1 from my 100 pound goal, and 7.1 pounds from being in One-Derland (figuring to 199).

I’m happy with that. That puts me below what I was when I got off track and gained a bit back. I have 10 days to lose 7.1 pounds. I don’t know if that’s entirely feasible, but we need goals and mine is to be in One-Derland on my anniversary. If I’m not, I’ll still be happy because I’m pretty darn close. More importantly it’s the beginning of the month and I lost inches too so I am a happy girl this morning!

I think a good part of my loss was an It Works product called Fat Fighters. I’ve been taking it for about a week and a half. You take 2 after your biggest meal and it blocks some of the fat and carbs from our meals. I did good with my food last week, but I did slip a few times for pizza and fast food. I hate fast food, but I gave in to the “I’m to busy” and mucked on preparation. I still lost though so I’m excited.

Aside from weight loss, I am on a personal growth mission. Joining It Works has really helped me with this. I want to be successful! And our biggest enemy is ourself and self doubt. I’m working on changing my subconscious so that it doesn’t put negative thoughts on something that I am completely focused on. So last night I read “Beach Money” by Jordan Adler. He says when you see yourself as unlucky your subconscious mind begins to look for and find evidence that supports that belief. We attract what we think about. If we identify ourselves as being successful and believe it, we will attract success. He says, “If you want to begin to attract all the luck, simply declare yourself as a lucky person and begin to believe it! Take on the label of someone who has all the luck! Then start to look for your lucky moments all week long. You will be surprised by how much luck you attract into your life on a daily basis.”

I think this is so true. If we only dwell on the bad things we don’t appreciate the good. SO, taking Mr. Adler’s advice, I’m going to state my goals (as a combination of a previous chapter and what I put above).

I AM SUCCESSFUL. I will be a Diamond Member at my next It Works conference.


I am lucky because I have now 2 jobs that I love. I have the love of my life, an incredible daughter, family, and friends. I am lucky because I have my health, as do those I love. I’m lucky because I have a roof over my head, and a car to get me to and from where I need to be. I am lucky because I am alive, and for a million reasons more I am so blessed.

He said to write down your goals for the next 3 months because when we write them down it makes them more achievable. The goal is supposed to be ones that get you excited, that you must be able to do within 3 months, to NOT be practical, and limit to 3.

1) OWN MY TIME. I joined It Works because I will be getting paid to help people lose weight and achieve what they what with their bodies. That was my goal for 2013. To find something to do that. I’m always so busy. I want to own my own time and be financially secure while still owning my own time so I can spend it with my daughter. I have that with my full time job, sort of. But I need a part time job and without It Works I’d have to be on someone else’s schedule.

2) Student loans – ugh. It Works is all about getting out of debt. I don’t have debt besides my student loans so this is my goal. I want to pay off ¼ of my student loan debt within 3 months.

3) Open a college fund for my daughter.

I am on track in every way that matters.




It Works!!


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I completed my Polar Bear 5 mile run event on Saturday. I am THRILLED to say that I ran my first mile without stopping! It kind of came out of no where and I shocked even myself. The entire time I kept thinking, “This isn’t too bad” and it wasn’t!! Before I knew it I was at 0.75 miles, at which point I was so close I couldn’t stop. Then when that clicked over into 1.0 I literally reenacted the Rocky theme, lol. If I wasn’t conscious of tripping over myself or another runner I may have done a cartwheel right in the middle of the intersection. This one mile goal feels almost as good as what I expect to feel when I reach my 100 pound goal… almost. If a mile makes me want to do cartwheels I don’t know that I can handle the elation of finally reaching this 100 pound mark. I’ve just been working so long towards that one mile. I quit, started again, quit. Now I did it and the accomplishment I feel is pretty damn good. On to my next goal of 2 miles! I haven’t gotten our picture from this race yet, but I will post it when I do. I made a point of trying to look happy instead of completely exhausted. As I was exhausted I don’t know if I succeeded, lol.

Friday Weigh In


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Last week: 207.2

This week: 209.8

Gain 2.6 pounds. I expected this. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been chasing the train for the last 2 weeks trying to get back on track. I grabbed on 2-3 days ago and I am firmly seated back inside the focus/healthy train. I’m continuing my plan that I made on Monday with the exception that my would have been rest day on Sunday is now a workout day. I chucked out my Golden Grahams, which is the leader of my cheating. I’m back to my scrambled egg omelette for breakfast. I have baked chicken and green beans ready for lunch. Chili is in the crockpot for dinner. Fruits and veggies prepared for snacks, and I have a 4 gallon tub of water sitting on my desk today as a reminder to keep refilling my cup. Gotta get hydrated! So I am set.

My focus is high fiber meals until my next weigh in. The chili I made is full of beans, turkey meat, and diced tomatos. The whole pot is 2,687.5 calories. 1435 calories of those are beans, 920 calories for the meat, and 332.5 calories for the tomatos. I guessed at 10 servings so 1 cup is 269 calories. That’s being generous. I think I can get 12-15 cups out of this pot. 15 would bring it down to 180 calories per cup, but I’m going to wait and see.

My gym time is back on track. Tomorrow I have the Polar Bear run with  my sister. Last week I went to the casino the night before our Valentine run. I only got about 2 hours of sleep before I had to get up with her. That definitely affected my time because I felt like crap. Tonight I’m staying home so I will be well rested for tomorrow, and tomorrow will be punishment for 2 weeks of eating like crap. I want to take the 14.5 minutes I did last week and bring it down to at least 13. And our finish line picture will be epic.

That is all. Rough week or 2, I gained, but I have a new focus. I feel I just wasted two weeks and I could be in one-derland right now. That will not happen next week. I have about 2.5 weeks to lose 10 pounds and get in the hundreds before my anniversary. I think some of my gain is water weight from not drinking enough water, easily corrected.

10 pounds. 17 days. 100’s. I will do this.